The Georgia County Clerk's Association was organized more than 50 years ago to create a coordinated interest among County Clerks and their Boards of Commissioners in county affairs, and to promote the welfare of county government in general.

The official name of the organization is Association County Clerks of Georgia, but the organization opted to use the name Georgia County Clerks Association in 2007 to avoid acronymn confusion with the Association County Commissioners of Georgia.

It is the goal of the organization to better acquaint the general public with difficulties faced in efforts to provide government services at the local level. Likewise, the association seeks the cooperation of every county and state official, as well as residents of Georgia, in efforts to provide methods that will enable them to meet the new challenges and demands placed on county governments.

One specific purpose of the Association is to actively support the Municipal and County Clerk Certification Program jointly sponsored by the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, Georgia County Clerks Association, the Georgia Municipal Association, Georgia Municipal Clerks and Finance Officers Association and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia.

Membership in the Georgia County Clerks Association is open to County Clerks and other professionals who carry out the role of the County Clerk in her/his absence. Dues are $15 annually.

ACCG Map of Georgia Districts