Member Information

The County Clerk is the custodian of records for the Board of Commissioners. In addition to these duties, the Clerk prepares meeting agendas, minutes of meetings, distribution of documents and other clerical and administrative duties. The County Clerk is appointed by the Board of Commissioners and serves at their pleasure. 

Primary Duties

  • Maintains and ensures Codification of Ordinances
  • Keeps all original contracts, agreements and leases with the county
  • Hold all titles to county vehicles and equipment
  • Acts as fiscal agent
  • Ensures all requirements of "Open Meetings and Open Records Act" are followed
  • Attend all Board meetings and prepare, post and distribute the agendas prior to future meetings
  • Prepare informational notebooks for the Commissioners, County Manager and County Attorney
  • Obtain signatures on all official documents and distribute to the appropriate personnel
  • Provide requested information and/or documents to Board of Commissioners, elected officials, department heads, the media and the general public